Pre-Insulated Ducts

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One of the most applicable products in construction industry, is pre-insulated ducts which are a very suitable replacement for conventional metallic ducts. Pre-insulated ducts are sheathed by polyurethane (PUR) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation foams which prevent heat loss from the ducts. The PUR and PIR foams used in pre-insulated ducts are fire retardants which are covered by aluminum foils. The aluminum foils reduce the friction between air flow and duct’s wall and eventually increase the air conditioning machine’s efficiency. In addition, pre-insulated ducts reduce the coupling and installation problems and flanging and grooves and terminals, up to 20%.

PUR and PIR pre-insulated ducts do not expose any dusts or fibers and therefore do not bring in health hazards. other advantages of such ducts are light weight (with one eighth weight of conventional ducts), ease of installation process, ease of tailoring any bending or duct’s curvature, reduction in installation and handling costs, omitting the problem of corrosion of conventional ducts and iconic appearance.


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Arman Ayegh Espadana, presents various pre-insulated ducts, in different sizes and shapes, with best qualities:

* The insulation is performed in the factory so which the quality of insulating procedure is ensured.

* Highest quality of polyurethane foam is used for ducts which has extended stability, thermal resistance and working life cycle.

* Resistant to shock loads, acoustic noise, fire and flame, biological and fungal pollutions.

* Ease of installation and light weight.

* The best quality with the best price.

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