Rockwool Handling & Storage


It is recommended to consider the following points in handling and storage of Rockwool insulation products:


Due to fibrous structure of the Rockwool, these insulation products are sensitive to moisture and humidity. It is strongly recommended not to open the plastic cover of the insulation products and the covers should be open within 24 hours before installation. The storing place of insulation products should be dry, with 40% maximum relative humidity. If the relative humidity is out of control and more than 40%, it is highly recommended to implement ventilation system. In addition, it is strongly recommended to store the Rockwool insulation products our of sun light exposure.


The preformed cylinder of half sectional insulation products should be stored over the intersection side and vertical to the ground so which the cylinder axis is perpendicular toward the ground. There should be no more than three rows of preformed insulations placed over each other.


The rolled products should be stored under the same manufacturing conditions and the roll should not be opened until installation. In the first row, the rolled and blanket insulation should be stored over intersection, vertical to the ground. On the second row, the insulations should be placed horizontal respective to roll’s axis, over the first row. There should be no more than three rows over each other.


pl1175403-50 120 kg m3 heat insulation rock wool blanket felt for high temperature equipment


Avoid placing heavy or sharp objects over insulation products. Besides, it is recommended to avoid placing moisture absorbents materials, such as salt or sand, near Rockwool insulation products. It should be paid adequate attention to prevent undesired damages to external jacketing and covers such as aluminum foils, craft papers or wire meshes.


Since Rockwool products are manufactured by quite natural substances and contain no chemical additives, do not show any hazards toward personnel health. However, due to dust generation of Rockwool products, it can be irritating in direct skin contact and exposure. Therefore, it is recommended to use protective gloves and masks.


RW installation 4


Cutting can be conducted by shear blade or manual saw or disc saw. Protective masks and gloves should be used during cutting process. Direct contact of fibers to eyes, can cause mechanical irritation. Thus, it is recommended to use eye glass for cutting processes. In case of eye contacts, it is enough to wash the eyes by clean water. It should be noted that inhaling fibers can cause mechanical irritations to reparatory system and eventually, protective masks are recommended for installation and processing Rockwool products.


As Rockwool insulation products are made of natural substances, disposal of waste materials do not have hazard to green environment. However, due to extended durability of Rockwool products, neither disposing waste materials right into wild is recommended, nor it is wise in economical point of view. The waste disposal of Rockwool materials can easily be cut into smaller pieces and be used as loose fill wool again, in insulating products.


For further information about handling and storage standard conditions of Rockwool insulation products, please do not hesitate to contact Arman Ayegh Espadana.