Arman Ayegh Espadana offers most of accessories, equipment and tools for insulation industry, enveloping both technical and force requirements for installation and securing insulation procedures. Accessories include: screws, studs and bolts, steel and galvanized bands and clips, aluminum and galvanized sheets, rolls and coils, fire retardant textiles, fibers and ropes, polyurethane injection machines, wire meshes, silicon glues, etc.



Aluminum and Steel Sheets, Rolls and Foilssheet 1

Various aluminum and steel and galvanized sheets, foils and rolls are available, with or without craft surface jackets, simple or corrugated





Wireswire 2

Various aluminum and steel wires, in different sizes, are available for installation purposes







Bandsband 1

Aluminum and steel bands, in different sizes and thicknesses, for installation and fastening purposes for cold and hot insulations, pre-formed tubes sectionals and around equipment









Clipsclips 2

Most appropriate fastening and tightening tools for bands, wires and foils









Silicon Gluesilicon 3

Silicon glues are best sealant and glues for insulation installation purposes, compatible with most of jackets, bands, coils and covers









Studsgolmikh 1

Studs are used in insulation installation in building industry, where insulation boards are to be attached to other building elements; particularly studs are useful for rock-wool boards and panels.









Wire Meshesmesh 2

Galvanized wire meshes are available for hot insulation products, while fiberglass meshes are used for cold insulations. Some hot insulation products, such as rock-wool mattresses are offered with wire-meshes attached.








Fire-proof Textile, Robe and Filamentsrope 1

Arman Ayeh Espadana offers silicon fire-proof textiles, robes and filaments, simple or with wire fibers, for enhancement in fire-protection measures.






Screws, Bolts and Nutsbolts and screws

Various aluminum and steel bolts, screws and nuts, in different lengths, sizes and scales, according to customer’s order.







Polyurethane Injection Machineinjection 1

Arman Ayegh Espdana offers rental polyurethane and polyisocyanurate injection machines, based on site requirements and customer’s order. Injection machines require skilled personnel for running.






Skilled Insulation Personnel

Arman Ayegh Espadana can provide very skilled work-force and specialists in hot and cold insulation installation and skilled personnel for injection machines. These skilled workers have extensive amount of the experience in insulation industry and the quality of the outcome is guaranteed.