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Arman Ayegh Espadana is a manufacturer and procurer of various types of thermal and acoustic insulations, including rockwool, slagwool, glasswool, polyurethane and polyisocyanurate, galss foam and polystyrene. Arman Ayegh Espadana, with years of experience and extraordinary customers, offers best price with best quality.

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Rockwool Matress

Rockwool Insulation - Mattress


matress 2


Rockwool mattress insulation products have a structure normally similar to rockwool blanket insulations with less density. Smaller density results in lower prices at the cost of lower working temperature. Mattress rockwool insulation products are mostly applicable with great pricing for tanks and reservoirs, pipes and pipelines, slopped surfaces and attics. This product is available in simple forms or with wire mesh or aluminum foils and recommended to those who wish to invest less than blanket products, yet experiencing the adequate efficiency.


Mattress Insulation Properties

- Excellent thermal and acoustic properties

- Resistant to fire and flame

- Excellent flexibility with light weight

- Resistant to erosion and corrosion

- Resistant to biological contaminations and chemical pollutions

- Resistant to impact and mechanical damages

- Easy and fast installation

- Easy handling and storage

- Very economical pricing

- Excellent stability, so which the mechanical and chemical properties will not degrade or diminish in long runs of service.


Density (kg/m3)





30 - 50





Rockwool Mattress Insulation Product Applications

Most of the rockwool insulation mattress products applications are similar to those in blanket types. However, since the density of mattress is less then blanket, the working temperature limit is somehow more restricted, at the cost of much reasonable price. As the result, most of the mattress application, regardless of geometry and mechanical ties, stands within medium temperature applications. Rockwool insulation mattress products are extensively suitable for medium temperature insulating of sloped and curved surfaces, chimneys, tanks and reservoirs, pipes and pipelines, great diameter PVC and steel pipes, the roof of workshops and insulating low temperature equipment.


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