Polyurethane Pre-formed Pipe-Sections


Polyurethane (PUR) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulations are manufactured in pipe-section forms, half-pipe, quarter-pipe or any other fraction of pipe perimeter. Pre-formed pipe sectional insulations are presented with or without external jacketing or covers.


 iso pipe 2  iso pipe 3  iso pipe 4  iso pipe 5  


The major Application of pre-formed PUR insulation pipe sections are in insulating process piping, cold and hot pipes, small cryogenic tanks, frigs and other piping applications.

Pre-formed pipe section polyurethane and polyisocyanurate insulations are offered in a wide range of various sizes, densities and sections. If the pipe size is too big, the insulation section can be made of smaller angles of circular perimeter, so which the sections attached together forms the total circular section. In this case, the number of grooves between sections is increased; however, this problem can be solved by applying appropriate mastic between grooves which helps the grooves to be welded together. In addition, in this way, the installation process is far easier and faster than injection or sprayed method.


The advantages of insulating by pre-formed PUR insulation pipe sections are:

- Excellent thermal resistance

- Fast and easy installation

- Very low percentage of disposal or wasted materials

- Very suitable pricing

- Various applications and the possibility to apply insulation for complicated geometries, in association with other insulation materials or injection foams




The specification of polyurethane insulations, offered by Arman Ayegh Espdana, can be found here.

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