Arman Ayegh Espadana is a manufacturer and procurer of various types of thermal and acoustic insulations, including rockwool, slagwool, glasswool, polyurethane and polyisocyanurate, galss foam and polystyrene. Arman Ayegh Espadana, with years of experience and extraordinary customers, offers best price with best quality.

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Arman Ayegh Espadana procures all required accessories for insulating processes and systems, including corrugated craft papers, aluminum foils, steel and aluminum screw and bolt and pins, wire meshes, plastic covers, metallic and polyurethane supports, mastics and fire-retardant textiles.


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Arman Ayegh Espedana Offers distinguished technical consultancy in thermal and acoustic insulation system designs, selection of most proper insulation type and thickness, considering market prices, availability and working conditions.



All of Arman Ayegh Espadana’s customers have been satisfied with our services, remarking:


Tondguyan Refinery


Southern Pars Gas Complex

Keyson Co.


Petro Pars Co.

Darya Sahel


Petro Part Industrial Complex

Shahzand Arak Petrochemical Coomplex


Jam Petrochemical Complex

Maron Petrochemical Complex


Ilam Gas Refinery

Pars Keyhan


Parlo Industrial Group

Khuzestan Cement Factory


Azaran Plastic

Tavoni Maskan Jahad Keshavarzi


Safaniku Sepahan

Omran Hadi Industrial Group


Sakht & Tajhiz Sepahan (MAPNA Group)

Machine Ajza’e


Tose’e Maskan Esfahan

Boushehr Electrical Generator Complex


Iran Kenauf

Jondi Shahpour


Fulad Ghadir Iranian



Shahid Keshvari Industrial Group

Dehloran Cement Complex


Aria Sasoul Petrochemical Complex

Esfahan Poly Acrylic Complex




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